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“Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are.” – Meghan Keaney Anderson


Hi, I’m Elizabeth Sebastian – your professional hype woman/cheerleader who wants to help your business get on top of the game. You are here because you love your business and I’m here because I love mine! I’m that cool influencer marketer friend most brands need. Just so you know, I have also done an extensive digital marketing course. Not lying! My services include Influencer Marketing ( obviously ), Influencer Management and Social Media Management along with other Digital Marketing Services.


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Influencer Management

E-mails? Check. Script and Content Approvals? Check. Invoices? Raised and Cleared. Do not let these things give you a creative block, cos hey, I definitely can help you with your Brand associations. Come explore an array of brand deals and opportunities with the best influencer marketing agency in Kerala

Social Media and influencer management in kerala

Social Media Management

Yes, your business is doing great! No doubt. But does your audience feel that way? Maybe an aesthetic feed and creative engaging content could go a really long way. Better your social media game with the top influencer marketing agency in Kerala. Book your appointment right away!

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has a unique place in the market. Let me help you understand how they serve a purpose and how you can build a strategy. If you're a Malayali brand not knowing where to start, please don't worry cause this influencer marketing agency in Kerala has got your back.

Client Affirmations

Elizabeth was the first manager I had and she set the benchmark for all the future managers I worked with. Not only is she very professional, she also made sure that I as a creator felt comfortable enough to come to her with any issues I may have had. Despite juggling multiple creators at once, she always made sure my needs were met. Her sincerity and enthusiasm will help her agency become the best influencer marketing agency in Kerala.
Farheen Naqi influencer Marketer in Kerala
Farheen Naqi
Content Creator
Working with Elizabeth means you are in for a fantastic experience. Despite not meeting in person, she made me and my work feel valued. Her communication was always clear and prompt, and she had a great knack for always finding the right professional opportunities for me. Wishing you every success in the world! Her willingness to learn and explore will definitely make her new venture the best influencer marketing agency in Kerala.
Sana Grover influencer marketer in Kerala
Sana Grover
Content Creator
Elizabeth was my very first manager, I call her Eli belly. I remember being confused about how should I choose which brands to work with and I just went to her, and she started breaking down the points I represent and what aligns with the respective brands. The trust was built from there on. I hope to work with her real soon. Running an influencer marketing agency in Kerala, I'm sure Elizabeth is going to provide top notch services to anyone and everyone who approaches her.
Aishwarya Khajuria influencer marketing agency in Kerala
Aishwarya Khajuria
Content Creator

What do I get asked the most as an Influencer Marketer in Kerala, India?

Influencer marketing is still a relatively new subject in Kerala, compared to the scale in which it’s done in other parts of India. Collaborating is one thing, but collaborating to create something beautiful is another topic of discussion altogether. There needs to be a plan of action. There needs to be key points to be promoted in order to target your niche. Most importantly you need an Influencer Marketer to be your mediator, content curator, point of contact with the influencer and much more. Being the best Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala, this is your one stop destination to all your influencer marketing related problems.

First things first, celebrity brand endorsements are an expensive affair. It only makes sense to advertise with celebrities if your product/service is a mass one. Secondly, our experience as an Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala has brought us to the conclusion that for a lot of brands, influencers have been able to give better conversions than many A-lister celebrities. So, do we need to think more into it?

There are over 10 + ways to collaborate with an influencer. Starting from giveaways to live streaming to page takeover, depending on the style of each influencer and how they like to interact with their audience. With our expertise and experience as an Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala, navigating through the kind of collaboration gets easier and hassle-free.

First things first being an influencer marketing agency, its important to understand which influencer’s content and values align best with your brand. So, from picking out the right influencer to creatively coming together has many steps in between which can be executed hassle-free with an Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala. If you want to know more, I’m more than happy to meet you for coffee and cookies!

We love influencers as much as we love our brands. If you’re a creator/influencer looking to get managed by an Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala, you’re at the right place, at the right time. Please feel free to get in touch with via the mail provided below.

Fashion and Beauty being our primary niche, that’s where we hold our expertise in. But, hey! Never say never, right? Being the best Influencer Marketing Agency in Kerala, we’re more than ready to expand our horizon.

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